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Reposted by James Barclay from Passle Insights

Tips on writing your first blog to engage your clients and key contacts!

More than ever your clients need your counsel and guidance during these uncertain times and as our traditional communication channels have been closed we need to adjust to digital so we can continue to have long term engagement with our key contacts. To help with this here are a few quick ideas to help with writing your first blog:

  • Talk about what you know, NOT what you do
  • Think about your clients’ challenges and address them with your insights
  • Think about the solution and/or answer, not just the issue
  • Be authentic – use your natural voice
  • Your opinion is important, write about topics you are interested in
  • Create specific titles that give readers a clear idea of the content
  • Break longer pieces up with bullet points or numbered lists
  • Keep the post concise, between 100-250 words is a good length to aim for
  • Always make sure to attach an image or media to your post – it will not only draw the reader in, but it’s also an opportunity to add value to your post.

We also have a 30 minute course called 'show what you know' that takes you through techniques and strategies for experts (like you) to ‘show what they know’, reach their clients, gain new clients and develop their careers.

Always delighted to assist with any questions on this topic! 


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