To get permissions on Passle to Administer your account, contact either your Client Success Representative or email

Once you have been granted Admin access you can navigate to the Admin panel by going to your Passle dashboard or logging in via See the image below for reference on how to switch between your user & admin interfaces.

Admin access on Passle grants you the following controls for your client account: 

  • User Management - add/remove & edit user permissions
  • User Reporting -  an overview of usage, adoption, and whether the user has defined a posting target
  • Send Messages - you can send group messages to your Passle user groups
  • Manage Suggestions - from the admin view you can see all suggested posts and where they are at in their development cycle
  • Manage Channels - once you are live on the ClientConnect subscription service within Passle, you will be able to administer and review your subscribers from the admin interface
  • Manage Tags - you can configure and bespoke the tag set up for your users. You have the ability to set 'Predefined Tags' which will be available from a dropdown; 'Default Tags' which are automatically assigned to all posts; or 'User Tags' which can be applied on a user-by-user basis
  • View Group Stats & Post Stats - access and export the holistic reports on how your teams' content is performing. This includes information on the views your content is generating, the number of referrals being driven from the social networks, and how your content is being used across email formats. This information can be aggregated at a group level or broken down on a post-by-post basis
  • Manage Posts - the 'Manage Posts' view gives admin users access to review all posts currently in the system, an overview on their status whether the post is live or in draft, and the shortcode for each post which has been initiated
  • Manage SEO - again from the 'Manage Posts' view you can edit the following metadata for each of your Passle posts: Title, Keywords, Description