The secret to sharing expert, timely content to those you want to influence is sometimes teamwork.  Your whole team can now listen to clients needs and challenges and then suggest relevant content to share with those colleagues who have with the niche expertise in your team to create the posts!

Check out Passle's new suggestion engine. This is a tool that allows you to request a post from a subject matter expert in your team. 

Just follow these simple steps:

Select the relevant text from the article or website, perhaps a quote or stat and hit the Passle button.

(Make sure you have the Passle button installed - click here to do so).

Select the relevant author from the drop-down list and enter your message. Here you might want to explain why this would make a good post and also why you require the content - is it for a client or prospect; what will resonate with that client/prospect? 

Make sure you explain why you have suggested your colleague should write this post.  Your subject matter expert needs to know their content will be used to achieve a business objective, as their time is precious.

Once you hit send, the author will receive the suggestion via email and/or our app. From here they have the building blocks for a post and the reason to do it. They can react in a timely fashion and you will have expert-led, authentic content that you can use to share strategically.

From here, make sure you share this piece of content on social, tagging individuals where you can. If the content was written with a client or prospect in mind, you can send it directly to them via our tool ISTATOY (I saw this and thought of you). This is a brilliant nurturing activity as it creates a real value exchange between you and your contact.

Take a look at my colleague James Barclay's post on why leveraging your colleagues and seniors to write content is extremely powerful - How to get your boss to help close deals... and write content

For any questions on making the most of your new suggestion tool, please contact your client success team at