Your Passle profile, just like your LinkedIn profile, projects your identity to the digital world. In your profile, you have an opportunity to present yourself to your most important clients and prospects. 

Profile pages are regularly among the most read pages on a professional website, you can be sure that your clients are researching you before they buy - so it's important to get them right.

Here's what to remember when you're creating a Passle profile:

  • Choose the right picture - pick a clear, friendly and professional image
  • Write a useful summary - a short, clear description that your audience understands
  • Your social media links - include a link to any professional social media accounts you actively use

To access the profile and make these changes:

1. Go to

2. Login and click on your image/avatar in the top left-hand corner

3. Add/change your image

4. Add your personal information (public facing)

5. Link to your social profiles

5. You can also set yourself a target and edit your notification settings

For any assistance, please contact the Client Success team at