What is Passle?

Passle is a place where you can share your expertise.

How it works

Anyone can sign up for a Passle account – it’s free to students and charities. Paid accounts get more perks, from tailored training to custom design. It's also free for anyone to comment on or follow a Passle.

Users can both write to their own individual Passle or contribute to a larger one, such as their firm’s Passle.

If you are part of a Passle with several contributors you can request notes from your collaborators before you publish. It’s also possible to establish a hierarchy for each Passle so that a post can only be published once an administrator has approved it.


Passle posts range from in-depth standalone knowledge pieces to quickfire commentaries on the news.

Here are a few popular Passle posts to show the range of work that is created:

    And here are a few Passles, organized by topic, that you can browse:

    What can you do?

    Share – You can share any Passle post to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus.

    Repost – Share any post to your own Passle.

    Comment – Let the writer know what you think about their post.

    Search – Find content that interests you and follow their Passle.

    What’s unique about Passle is that you can also add tweets to your posts to provide further context (like I have!). When your post goes live, you have the opportunity to thank them: do it, it’ll amplify your message.

    Below is an infographic showing some of the ways in which you can make the most of Passle.