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What not to select

The Passle button is designed to enable you to easily quote an article or piece of media. However, it will pick up all of the highlighted text so do be a bit careful about what's in the side-bar and those little time / date fields.

The text below is a good example of how to get it wrong. The screen-grab shows what was selected.

If you want text from above and below a side-bar just be sure to remove the side-bar text before publishing.

The power of the digital big beasts – Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon – continued to grow in 2014, but so did questions about how they use our data. Where does their rise leave the more traditional media players? And the rest of us Your interactive guide to the MediaGuardian 100 Open thread: who did we miss off this year’s list? Tim Cook, Rona Fairhead, Lenny Henry and Kim Kardashian. Photograph: . Jane Martinson and John Plunkett Monday 8 December 2014 07.30 GMT Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Share on Google+ Shares 212 It felt like a year of contradictions. The huge corporations have never been bigger, yet the questions and criticism of Google and Facebook piled up quicker than Santa’s shopping list.

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