Posting to your social networks is clearly one of the most effective ways to share your Passle posts and therefore your expertise. This will help drive readers, interactions, conversations and help put you front of mind of your target audience. Here are a few tips to drive the most interactions with your posts:


When you make a post "LIVE" on the Passle dashboard, you have the option to "Thank" the people whose tweets you used. This is the best and fastest way to get people interacting with your posts and you will find that they will favourite the tweet, repost it or reply to it nearly every time. You should also send it to your own / your companies Twitter feed.

Top Tip: Have you tried a tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite - these will help you schedule and automate your tweets to go out at the most effective times. So even when you are in bed, your social media activity can be working away.


For businesses and in particular, professional services firms, LinkedIn is a great way to share your content and expertise and to position yourselves as “Thought Leaders” in your field. The most effective way to share your posts and get the most reads and interactions is to share your posts to your LinkedIn Groups. You can share to as many groups as you like which means you can really drive up the number of potential readers. When sharing to groups, try and propose a question - this will get readers thinking and give them something they want to answer and so the “conversation” begins.

To share your Passle posts straight onto your company page you need to go into LinkedIn and paste the Passle Post URL straight onto your company page.

Top Tip: Trying posting to a LinkedIn group on a Sunday evening. You will find that very few others do and so you will have a prominent place on the Group and the daily email notification when everyone arrives at work on Monday morning.