Once you have created a Passle post you have the option to add tweets to your post. This helps enrich your post and give the points of view of others on the subject matter.

Passle will search the webpage you "quoted" to see who has tweeted about it (please note that Twitter will only let you search back 9 days of tweets) and after hitting "search", simply click on the tweets you want to include. If you want to vary your search, simply add some keywords to the search box at the top left and search people tweeting with those key words.

Tweets by the most influential people will appear at the top of the list which means, for example, if Barrack Obama is tweeting about the same topic, you can add his point of view alongside yours.

Top Tip: If you want to search further back than 9 days then simply type the keywords or paste the url directly into Twitter. You can then add the tweet to your posts by:

  1. If you are using Google Chrome, the Octopus logo will appear alongside the list of tweets on Twitter. Just click the little Octopus and choose which Passle post to add it to
  2. If you use any other browser, go to the tweet you want to embed, select “more” from below it and copy the “embed code”. Now go back to the Twitter Picker, hit the “older tweets” button and paste in the embed code.