Passle has been built to be collaborative. All too often, the blogging duties fall to a small number of individuals. Not only is this frustrating for those individuals and very time consuming, but it cannot possibly showcase the expertise from across an organisation. The only way to do that is to get as many people as possible contributing posts.

Passle lets everyone contribute without then needing to write hundreds of words - simply giving their expert thoughts on a piece of industry news.

To invite the rest of the team to Passle, just go to the "Manage Posts" section of your Passle and click the big green invite button at the top of the page. Then fill in the names and email of those you want to invite and Passle will do the rest.

Top Tip: The businesses using Passle most effectively have run a training day for staff using Passle to help get them set up and posting. They have also launched Passle activity with a competition (i.e Gamify It!) to help reward the best content contributors. This has helped drive the number of posts by 618%!