We created the /followme link so the Passle community could share a link that encourages people to follow them.

To get going, simply add /followme to your domain and distribute. For example, this Passle would be https://toptips.passle.net/followme

How it works:

If the person receiving the link is already a member, when they click through, the sharer is automatically added to their list of followed Passles. If the recipient is not yet a member, they are asked to join with the shared Passle as the first on their list to follow.

How to use it:

Some good steps are to add the /followme link to your email signature, tweet it out and share it on the other networks. You really want to encourage others to spread the word too so get creative.

If you find something works well (or if something went wrong) please let us know by commenting below!