How much to write in a Passle post

This is very much a matter of opinion and there is no “right” answer, however, there are some things to bear in mind.

Passle is designed to enable people to comment on things they see on-line, giving an opinion quickly and in context. Comments like “I found this interesting” do not contribute a great deal, however, if you can say why you found an article interesting, that is an entirely different matter.

It is possible to not comment at all, simply sharing some text and an image. This style of curation is perfectly viable and valuable to an audience that wants to stay on top of a particular subject. However, it is important that you do not end up drawing traffic away from the site where the original content was published so please be thoughtful about how much text you re-post; we want your viewers to value your curation but ultimately to read the posts on the original site. That way the author gets the recognition they deserve.

Separately, it is possible to use Passle as a more conventional blogging platform and not directly reference any external site. We’d recommend you use the dashboard interface to do this. You can also upload images and files to support your post from the dashboard

Our only word of caution here would be to not publish “link bait” posts where the content is intended solely for search engine robots; this can end up with your account being terminated.

Top Tip: Many users aim for a comment of about 100 words